Your 5-minute guide to getting Passle set up on your devices

Ruth Nossek
Ruth Nossek
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Once you have received your welcome link to access your Passle account there are a few quick and easy steps to follow to get Passle running across all of your browsers and devices. 

Set your password

You will have received an email either from Passle or your firm's Passle champion welcoming you to Passle. You can now follow the link provided or the Get started button and you will be directed to a page where you can set a password for your Passle account. 

Once you have set your password you will now have access to your Passle dashboard and you will be prompted to install the Passle Button. 

Install the Passle Button

Passle will detect the browser you are currently on and load the relevant instructions to help you get the Passle button on your browser - either in your bookmarks bar or as an extension. 

If you are struggling to find this page, you can also log in to your Passle account and navigate to the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar and select the Install Passle Button link.

Alternatively, you can go to on your browser and follow the instructions.

Below are some easy-to-follow video tutorials showing you how to get the button installed on your browser:

Download the Passle App

Passle has an app for both Android and IOS devices. Download the app to create content on-the-go and receive timely notifications about your posts. 

The app can be downloaded by heading over to the relevant app store and searching for 'Passle app'. You can then easily download to your mobile or tablet devices. 

Alternatively, use the links here to open Passle in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

You're now all set to start writing and sharing your posts!

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