How to create a post, via the Passle button

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Passle allows you to create content on a commentary basis using our Passle button or (browser) extension, by highlighting a snippet of interesting text from an article or online publication and selecting the Passle button or Passle extension:-

Passle Button (Bookmark)


Passle Button (Extension)


A new 'create a post tab' will open in your browser, enabling you to begin writing your post, then either save it as a draft or request approval (to be published).

How to create a post using the Passle button

  1. Open any web page or publication of your choice.
  2. Highlight a snippet of interesting text from the article you are reading.
  3. Select the Passle button or the Passle extension.


  4. The Passle create a post view will open in a new tab and automatically bring over the image or media from the publication, in which you selected and highlighted your text. Your chosen text, will also be brought over and highlighted in a quotation box, within the create a post tab. 


  5. Create your post by entering a post title, and writing your main content.
  6. Select the save & continue button


  7. You now have the option to add tweets (which is completely optional); you do not need a Twitter account to utilise this feature. Select the add tweets button and select up to 6 tweets to sit alongside your post.



  8. Select the request approval button and select an approver, to whom your post will be sent for approval.




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