How to get the Passle button on Microsoft Edge

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Ruth Nossek
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Installing the extension on MS Edge

Passle will detect the browser you are currently on and load the relevant instructions to help you get the Passle button for your browser as an extension or on your bookmarks bar. The easiest way to get the Passle button on MS Edge is to install the extension.

If you are struggling to find this page you can also log in to your Passle account and navigate to the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar and select the "Install Passle button". Then click on the ‘Install MS Edge extension’ button at the top of the page.  Alternatively, you can go to Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store and download the extension. 

Getting the Passle Button set up on your MS Edge browser bar

1. Log in to Passle

2. In the left navigation menu click on ‘Install Passle Button’ at the bottom. Alternatively go to:

3. Click on the link in the third paragraph to take you to instructions on how to install the ‘Passle Button as a bookmarklet’.

4. Click the Star icon next to the webpage address.

2. Rename it "Passle Button" and select Favourites Bar as the folder to save in.

3. You need to copy the link from Step 3 on the Passle ‘Get the Passle button’ page (using ‘right-click on your mouse).

4. Right click on the Passle Button on your Favourites bar and select Edit.

5. Paste the link from Step 3 on the Passle ‘Get the Passle button’ page into the URL field and select Save.

6. Your Passle bookmarklet should now be ready to use on your Microsoft Edge Favourites bar.

Below is an easy-to-follow gif showing you how to get the Passle button installed on your browser.


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