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An overview of our new features for Enterprise clients. 

NEW May 2024

‘Pending status’ process

We have introduced a new process to support the publication of posts for Enterprise clients who integrate content generated using Passle with their company website (by syncing the data with their CMS).

When a post is approved and submitted for publication, your post will now enter a 'pending' status. The data is synced with your company website. Once this data syncing has been confirmed, the post status is updated to 'Live’ on your Passle dashboard. 

Publishing your post messsage.png

What do I need to do: Absolutely nothing, If you are an Enterprise client using a data sync method, the 'Pending status' process will be enabled automatically. However, we do recommend that you let your authors know about this change.

Internal monitoring dashboard 

This internal dashboard will feature real-time tracking of posts in 'pending' status (see above). This will help our team to promptly address any issues. 

March 2024

Enhanced Manage media 

For our Enterprise clients, who may have more complex media libraries we have included some additional features to better help manage larger media libraries. 

kwai feh - media - enterprise.png

These additional features include: 

  • Add folders: To better organise your media, you can now create folders. This will allow your company to group your media by practice, sectors or team. Your authors will then be able to better find media that relates to the posts they are creating. 
  • Company media: You can also create folders that can be shared across the entire company. At the moment media is Passle specific, with only media uploaded to a particular Passle available to select. With company media, these files will be available to everyone. This could, for example, be branding assets that you would like all your users, across the company, to have access to. 
  • Move files between folders: To help organise your existing media, you are able to move media within the Passle or move Passle media to a company media folder. To make it even easier, you can also drag and drop media between files. 
  • Bulk actions: In addition to the above, to help organise your media, you can also do some bulk actions,  including bulk delete or bulk move to a new folder.

For more information about these enhanced features, visit How to manage your media in Passle - Enhanced media library.

December 2023

Multiple Language Versioning Enterprise API

Our Enterprise clients are now able to add language translations to individual posts.

Language options are set at client level, and once enabled, users can add translated post titles and content to posts in their required languages.

The language translations will be pulled through alongside the default language version of the post when requesting post content via the API.

Multiple Language Versioning: creation options for a new language version of the post 


Multiple Language Versioning: additional language version for post


October 2023

Tag mapping

We have created a flexible solution for our Enterprise clients (and your agencies), to be able to map and organise your tags so that Passle tags match your CMS tag structure. As part of this feature, we have added new API endpoints for clients to be able to get their tag mapping data.

This new feature is available to company administrators with the 'Advanced tag mapping' permission. It allows the administrator to manage tag mapping, adding children and aliases for each Passle tag.

  • Ability to view a new Manage tags space from the Company section on the administrator toolbar.
  • Management of each tag and associated 'children' and 'aliases', to map and organise your tags to match your CMS tag structure, and ability to download a csv file of the details.
  • Ability to download a complete tags report (as csv file), detailing all tags and associated Passles, number of posts, views, reposts and social referrals.

View of tag mapping management page.png

For more information about Tag mapping and the available API endpoints, see our remote hosting documentation

Enhanced Collaboration & Governance Suite

Track changes and comments 

With this addition, users can easily track, review, and accept or discard suggestions made to a post, allowing authors and teams to collaboratively write and create content.

Key capabilities include:

  • Redline changes in content and then accept or discard them.
  • Suggest changes such as formatting updates, inserting tables, images or media.
  • Accept or discard changes individually, or all changes with a single click.
  • Comment and start conversations about content in real time. 
  • Access comment archive to view a full history.

Example of track changes in the post editor, highlighting suggested changes. 

Example of comments in the post editor, reply or mark as resolved. 

Spelling & grammar check

We've introduced a new spell and grammar check feature that allows you to address spelling and grammar issues directly within the editor. Easily spot and correct mistakes with clear notifications and intuitive suggestions. 

Additional features: 

  • Supports proofreading of over 20 languages.
  • Ability to create custom user and company dictionaries, ensuring the correct spelling of company and employee names.

New approval workflow for live posts

In response to feedback from some of our clients, we have introduced a new (optional) approval workflow for live posts. Previously, authors could update their live content without undergoing the approval process again. If this new feature is enabled, any revisions to live content will now follow the same approval process as draft content. This ensures that all updates to live content are thoroughly reviewed, guaranteeing the accuracy of your published posts.

The new workflow does not impact users who already have publishing permissions. Users who were previously able to create and publish draft content will still have the ability to make changes to their live posts without going through the new live approval workflow.

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