Using the Passle Button to create a post

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Passle allows you to create content on a commentary basis using our Passle button or the Passle Gateway browser extension.

It is an easy process that can be learned in under two minutes.

Creating a Passle post with the Passle Button

  1. To create a post using the Passle button function, simply highlight a snippet of interesting text from anywhere in the web.
  2. Next, click on your Passle Button (or Passle extension). A new browser window will appear where a few things have changed.
    1. First, you can begin editing the name and the content of your Passle post.
    2. Second, the highlighted text that you selected will now appear as a stylized quote.
    3. Third, the featured image will automatically be lifted from original source, but you are able to change what image is featured with your post. Simply click the replace button underneath the featured image to change it.
  3. Create your post by selecting the correct Passle for your post, entering a title, and writing your main content. Don't forget to add your tags as well.
  4. Select the save & continue button

  5. You now have the option to add tweets (which is completely optional and does not require a Twitter account to use). The tweet picker may try and suggest relevant content for you but you are always able to use the search bar to enter specific keywords or usernames. Simply select the tweets you are interested in (up to 6 tweets) and then click add tweetsThose tweets will sit alongside your Passle post.
  6. Select the Request Approval button and select an approver, to whom your post will be sent for approval. You can send a message at this time as well to your approver, who will publish the post on your behalf.
  7. If you are an admin or a user type who is able to skip over the established approval process, please select the Publish Post option to publish your Passle post and make it live.


Passle Gateway extension vs the Passle Button bookmark

The Passle Button is the default way for users to create a commentary post with quoted material. Some firms may be unable to download the Passle Gateway extension due to technical or security reasons. In those instances, we suggest you install the Passle Button on your browser bar instead.

Passle Button bookmark


Passle Gateway extension


The Twitter Picker feature can be completely disabled and removed from user dashboards. To learn more about this or to have this feature removed from your Passle accounts, please reach out to your Client Success contact or to Technical Support at



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