What emails your firm can expect to receive from Passle

Justine Knight
Justine Knight
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The Passle platform makes use of emails to communicate with users, approvers and account administrators. 

Passle will send emails in the event of: 

  • New account registrations and access
  • A user requesting a password reset link 
  • Notifications for approval requests & when a post is approved & published
  • In order to verify email addresses assigned to accounts/subscriptions to Client Connect
  • Updates on the Passle launch competition and user-defined goals

The following sender-addresses are used to send these emails: 

  • admin@notifications.passle.net
  • admin@accounts.passle.net
  • digest@passle.net

If your users are experiencing issues with receiving these emails this may be due to internal email security services that you are using, please refer to our article on configuring your internal email systems to allow the Passle system to send emails to you


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