RSS / Atom feed integration

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RSS/Atom feeds

Passle clients can leverage RSS/Atom feeds for more advanced integration options.

Here is an example of an RSS feed (for Passle's Insights Blog -


The RSS feed for your Passle will be:{Your Passle short code}

The Atom feed for your Passle will be:{Your Passle short code}


Advanced options

It is possible to filter specific posts which are displayed in feeds, using the following URL structure:{Passle short code}/{numberOfPosts}/{pageNumber}/{filterByTag}


  • If there are no advanced options in the feed's URL, the feed will contain 10 posts and the posts will not be filtered.
  • Maximum value for {numberOfPosts} parameter in the feed's URL is 50.
  • Even if you only want to filter by a single parameter (e.g. {filterByTag}), it is still necessary/mandatory to include the all three parameters  in the feed's URL. I.e. {numberOfPosts}, {pageNumber} and {filterByTag}.

To filter your own RSS feed, use:{Your Passle short code}/{numberOfPosts}/{pageNumber}/{filterByTag} 


A working example could look like this:







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