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Ruth Nossek
Ruth Nossek
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The Passle Gateway browser extension is the default Passle Button, and is an upgrade from the original Passle Button extension.  The Passle Button bookmarklet is an alternative option.

  • The Passle Gateway can be used in the same way as the Passle Button bookmarklet to create a Passle post: you can highlight and share relevant information from any website, and create new posts with ease.

    See our article Using the Passle Button to create a post for more information.

  • The Passle Gateway extension also gives you access to the Passle Toolbar functionality.

The Passle Toolbar (via the Passle Gateway extension) Digital Transformation Suite Enterprise

If you are viewing your published Passle pages, you can use the Passle Toolbar (via your Passle Gateway extension) to gain direct access to the statistics for those pages, visibility of your Passle activity log and 'To-do' list, the ability to repost your posts, the option to Quick Share to LinkedIn, and shortcut links to create a post and your dashboard.

Company administrators also have additional direct links to key pages from the Passle Toolbar.


Gateway Extension Toolbar overview diagram v1.1.png




Passle Toolbar extension icon: change of state

The extension icon changes depending on whether you are logged in to Passle or not, and which page you are viewing.



Please also view our technical article > Passle Gateway extension FAQs.

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