Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) & Setting it up

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of protection used to secure an online account beyond presenting the correct username and email. It uses more than one authenticator to verify if a user should be granted access.

For this two-step verification process, the user will first need to enter their correct username (email address) and password. Secondly, the user will be required to provide another piece of information, in this case, a time sensitive randomly generated code uniquely created by the authenticator app.

How to install an authenticator app to use with 2FA

There are multiple authentication apps that can be used for 2FA with Passle. We strongly recommend using Google Authenticator or Authy for the optimal experience.

Google Authenticator app can be download from the Google Play Store for Android devices, or App Store for iOS devices. Authy can be download from Google Play Store for Android devices, or App Store for iOS devices

  1. Download and install the authenticator app of your choice from the app store 
  2. Log in to Passle
  3. Visit the Passle authenticator app page
  4. Scan the QR code using your app to set up the two-factor authentication

You will now have a 2FA code linked to your Passle account in the app. When you want to log into Passle, you will now be prompted with a message asking you for your unique time sensitive code after you enter the correct email and password combination.


Once 2FA has been set up, you will need a valid code every time you need to log in to your Passle account. By tying this code to an alternative, time sensitive verification method, your account becomes much harder to compromise.

Having difficulty logging in with 2FA?

If you have lost your phone or you have a device that you would like to use, you will need to reinstall your authenticator app on your new device, and sync it up to your Passle. This means you will have to disable the existing 2FA on your Passle account, and then reactivate it to connect your Passle to your new device.

If you are having difficulty logging in with your authenticator app, or would like to disable 2FA, please reach out to us at for assistance.

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