20 December 2023 - 3.1.0 (Tusker)

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Abigail Taylor
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An overview of our new features and key enhancements in this release.

Multiple Language Versioning Enterprise API

Our Enterprise clients are now able to add language translations to individual posts.

Language options are set at client level, and once enabled, users can add translated post titles and content to posts in their required languages.

The language translations will be pulled through alongside the default language version of the post when requesting post content via the API.

Multiple Language Versioning: creation options for a new language version of the post 


Multiple Language Versioning: additional language version for post


What do I need to do: This is currently only available to our Enterprise clients. Contact your Client Success contact and they will be happy to enable this feature or discuss details with you.


An overview of other enhancements and any minor tweaks to our existing features in this release.

Updated 'X' logo (from Twitter)

We have updated all the Twitter icons throughout the Passle dashboard, post share options and email notifications to the new 'X' logo in line with their recent rebranding.

Passle dashboard and statistics 

Post share options 

Client Connect updates

Subscriber referrer tracking via Google Tag Manager

Clients are now able to track the source of a Client Connect sign-up. For example, they can determine whether their subscribers signed up via their Passle posts or through links found in a lawyer's email signature, bio page, or LinkedIn.

Please contact Passle support or Client Success team for more information. 

Client Connect activity - Tooltip and title updates

Improved titles and labels on the Client Connect activity page for improved clarity and eliminating potential confusion, we have also added new tooltips for additional guidance. 

Competition Tool: addition of timestamp details to Schedule and Notification sections to support users in different time zones

To support our clients using the competition tool in different time zones, we have made some updates to the interface ensuring clarity and ease in scheduling and viewing your competitions.

These changes include: 

  • Updates to the Schedule section to include timestamp details along with ‘local’ date.

  • Similar updates to the Notification section to include local sending time(s) dates for Reminder and Results emails.

  • Information text icons have also been added throughout, to further explain that start or sending times and dates are dependent on your time zone. 

Addition of new SSO error message

We have improved the login error message displayed on the SSO login page if users attempt to log in with a non-existent email address, ensuring clearer communication and guidance during this process.

Updates to user history page Admin

For improved navigation, we've introduced two new tabs within User History, distinguishing post activity from account-related actions. 

Passle staff avatar behaviour within real-time collaboration

Occasionally, Passle staff may need to troubleshoot and investigate reported issues, requiring access to view your posts. To maintain transparency, if this occurs, a 'Passle support' avatar will be displayed in the collaboration banner.


A list of minor UI updates in this release.

  • Upgraded to the latest Font Awesome version to enhance our icon collection and introduce our own custom libraries.
  • Improved capitalisation consistency throughout our breadcrumb navigation.
  • Top-level icons in the post toolbar are now visually indicated as 'activated' and highlighted when dropdown toolbar options are selected.
  • Improved wording and action buttons for clearer guidance when saving changes before navigating away from your post.
  • Tags set to 'Read-only' now appear greyed out on the Edit post page to indicate they are not editable.

A list of bugs fixed in this release.

  • Fix to opening suggested posts from the ‘Suggestions’ tab in the Administrator area.
  • Fix to automatically update the ‘To do’ notification numbers after clearing notifications. It no longer requires a page refresh to update.
  • Fixed issue where statistics visible in Passle activity report did not match statistics visible in Passle Gateway and Passle Dashboard. 
  • If a tag that is part of tag group is used as a default tag for a user, it no longer appears twice. 

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