28 June 2023 - 2.4.10 (Cruzcampo)

Ruth Nossek
Ruth Nossek
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What's new

An overview of our new features and key enhancements in this release.

Profile/Account Settings & Notifications: New improved design

In this update, we have made some changes to improve your profile navigation. Firstly, we have moved your profile avatar (how you access your profile) to the bottom of your left-hand navigation on the dashboard.


We have also introduced a fresh new look and improved functionality to your profile management. With a sleeker user interface and enhanced navigation, it's now easier to edit the crucial parts of your profile. We have also made a clear distinction between your account settings and notification space.

What do I need to do: Not a thing, just remember where your new avatar is located!

New edit post toolbar features

  • Easily add additional quotes to the body of your content.
  • You can now include common special characters in your posts, such as ™ and ©.
  • Superscript and subscript options, allowing you to create footnotes/references.
  • Break down complex or long-form content, such as FAQs with our new accordion groups.
  • New design/order to better group formatting buttons and hide additional advanced features.


What do I need to do: Absolutely nothing, these features are ready to go and available for everyone.

Managing user profiles Admin

Bulk updates
Administrators can make bulk updates to existing users. You are able to bulk update the following fields: Job title and Company profile URL.


What do I need to do: Nothing, the new bulk updating feature is available to all administrators and is accessible via a new tab on the ‘Add users’ page.

Profile editing permissions
Having more control over who can edit their profile, administrators are now able to set edit or read-only permissions for their users.

These changes relate only to a user's Personal details, Profile & company info and Social media information.


Administrators can always update their own profiles regardless of any permissions set.

What do I need to do: If you would like to manage profile permissions for your users, contact your Client Success contact and they will be happy to help.

Other changes

An overview of other enhancements and any minor tweaks to our existing features in this release.


Fewer notifications
Further to client feedback, we have removed some of our outdated notifications that were no longer relevant to our users, decluttering your inbox and reducing dashboard notifications.

If you had previously subscribed to these notifications we will automatically take you off the list.

Management of notifications
During the redesign of the profile settings space, we made significant updates to the notification management.

  • Each notification is grouped by category and includes simple descriptions, enabling you to quickly determine whether you wish to receive them.
  • To provide transparency, we have introduced details about the days and times when certain notifications will be sent to you.
  • Additionally, when opting for a daily summary, you will be presented with a clear and comprehensive list of all the notifications that will be included in the summary.

All these improvements should allow you to have better control over your notification preferences and expectations.

Updated ‘Get support’ menu

For consistency with the other menu items the 'GET SUPPORT' menu item now includes sub-menu items: Knowledge Base, Contact support and Install Passle Button.

Client Connect privacy updates

Updates to Client Connect sign-up form
Following on from a review of our current Privacy Policy, we have updated and simplified the wording when users sign up to Client Connect to avoid confusion and enhance transparency.

Redacting invitee personal information
Clients now have the option to redact personal information from invitee data. Until the the invitation is accepted the invitee's name and the first part of their email address will be redacted.

If you would like to enable this feature for your company, contact your Client Success contact.

Accessibility updates - ‘alt’ tags for featured images

We have completed an audit of all the instances of the featured image across Passle. As part of this process, we have ensured that the relevant alt tags and descriptions are in place, taking into consideration the context and function of each image. For images sourced from our Getty library or through open graph, we have used the provided image description.

If you have any queries about accessibility, or feel that our product could be improved in this regard, please contact us.

Calendar improvements

There are some minor updates to the calendar functionality within Passle. The calendar is used for selecting reporting periods and scheduling posts.

Firstly, we have eliminated the need to manually confirm when choosing dates from the date picker, saving clicks and valuable time. Additionally, we have enhanced the layout of selected custom dates, making it easier to visually identify the start and end dates.

Security improvements: replacing use of reCAPTCHA

In response to client feedback, we have opted to replace reCAPTCHA with a service that does not use challenge-response authentication with users, and provides a more seamless user experience.

We will now be using Turnstile as our security measure to prove you are a human and not a computer, and to help prevent unauthorized account entry. It is an 'invisible' alternative to CAPTCHA, and most users will never be shown anything.

Turnstile replaces reCAPTCHA on the following:

  • Login page
  • Forgot password page
  • Client Connect subscribe form
  • Client Connect edit subscription form

Use of tags

Tag filters added to the search filters on the Passle activity statistics page
We have added additional tag filters on the Passle activity statistics page. If you have 'Content tag groups' enabled, you will now be able to filter your search by Tag groups or User and content tags.

Manage tags space: now able to select from a list of existing tags Admin
To help our Administrator users when adding tags under the Manage tags interface, the suggested search behaviour has been improved. When an administrator adds a new tag to a tag group, they will be able to choose from a list of existing tags used across their current Passles.

We have also added a 'quick link' to the Manage tags space to enable you to view a complete list of all tags used across your Passles.

External posts: inclusion of suggested image options

The creation process for an 'external post' (the ability to link to content created outside of Passle) now behaves in the same way as creating a post via the Passle button (commentary post), and includes our image suggestion service.

A selection of images will be suggested for your featured image based on the external URL provided, and you will be able to search for further images, if required. It will show the open graph image (if enabled) at the bottom of the image list.

Passle activity pages: links to full partner statistics

We have added links to full statistics for each of the individual partner stats (Lexology, Mondaq or JDSupra, if enabled) on your Passle activity pages.

These links will direct clients to the relevant dashboard/dashboard login page for the partner statistics.

What we've fixed

A list of bugs fixed in this release.

  • Fix to the date filtering logic for statistics. Post Activity and Passle Activity statistics are now both inclusive of the final date selected. 
  • Fix to avatar image on the Competition > Manage teams/Results pages. When a team name was very long, the team avatar became squashed. Admin 
  • Fixed the appearance of the status badges throughout the dashboard to stop them from splitting over multiple lines. 
  • Small misalignment of the ISTATOY share icon has been fixed.
  • Fix to ‘My drafts’ and ‘Create a post’ drop-down menus for long Passle names, where the name appears outside of the pop-up area. 
  • Updated the Media Picker to display the correct valid file extensions for each media type. 
  • The reporting period was not visible on the Client Connect activity page. This has now been added.

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